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Love and Other Drugs

A couple of weeks ago, I went to see a new Orthopedist for my fat foot. My left foot has been swollen since last October, with no apparent injury and only intermittent pain. I’ve had a few different diagnosis, ranging from stress-fracture to severe sprain. Tried wearing the boot of shame, acupuncture, physical therapy, heat, ice, you name it. Pretty sure this is just another fun benefit of MS. Random shit that doesn’t make any sense at all. I digress. This new doctor, likely younger than me, was from Alliance, did some of his internship in Chadron, we knew some of the same people. We talked about the meds I’m on. He said “I’m going to assume with your pale skin, red hair, freckles, green eyes and MS, you already are on a vitamin D supplement?”.

Oh, yes. Vitamin D, magnesium, calcium, B+ Complex (only when I’m feeling shitty), multi-vitamin. These supplements are in addition to the Copaxone, Synthroid, Fluticasone, Allegra, and Zoloft. I’m 36 years old and have not one, but two, day of the week pill holders. I also have my injection kit. I’m 36 going on 80.

But, it seems to be working, all of this. Granted, it’s not all for my MS. The Fluticasone and Allegra are for my allergies, but when I’m talking allergy medicine, I feel like my MS symptoms subside a little too. The Synthroid is for my Hypothyroid, which I kind of put on the back burner with this new disease diagnosis. I had a blood draw two weeks ago and my levels were way off so I had to have my meds adjusted. I guess I need to remember to keep on top of the thyroid situation, in addition to my MS. Both conditions can cause cognitive impairment. Cog Fog, as those of us with MS like to call it. So, having to try to remember all of this is difficult. I survive on post-it notes and phone reminders. Again, 36 going on 80. The Cog Fog is really the only symptom I’m having right now though, and it’s not really that bad. Dealing with me is sort of like dealing with someone who is ADD. Squirrel!

In fact, I can’t even remember why I titled this post “Love and Other Drugs”. Obviously I had a direction planned and have been interrupted so many times while typing this, that I honestly can’t remember. This happens, I’m getting used to it. I should have written it down on a post-it note or something, but I can’t find my pen.