And then the Universe Responded…

In addition to Facebook, Twitter, this blog, and tons of other social media outlets that I have long forgotten the password two, I’ve been a LinkedIn “user” for several years.  I say “user” because I think that putting it in quotes means that I’m using the word loosely…  Anyway, I have had the account for a while.  Last Fall, a friend of mine was job hunting and convinced me to updated my picture and content. I did, and within a short amount of time, I received an email from a recruiter.

I didn’t realize people truly use LinkedIn for it’s intended purpose and I was leery that the recruiter email was spam. But I called it anyway. And it wasn’t SPAM.  I wasn’t actively looking for the job yet, I was still in that kind of afraid to leave my comfort zone phase.  But the more I talked to this lady the better it sounded.  More responsibility, more free thinking, more accountability, better benefits, employee morale, and of course, more money.

So, I started on this very lengthy recruitment process. And I loved the place and the job and immediately hit it off with whom I’d report to and the rest of the department. I had it. I lost sleep trying to plan how I was going to give my notice. I knew this job was mine. And then I found out that I didn’t get it. And I was crushed. “We’re so sorry, you were among the top two candidates, blah, blah, blah.”.  You see, at the age of 35, I had received an offer after every interview I’d ever had. Seriously.  So, this was a reality check. And a HUGE blow to my ego.

Anyway, time went on and I kept on at my regular job thinking that when our 3 year contract was up for renewal, they would definitely keep me on and since I’d likely be the only admin staff and a lot of changes would be coming, this was actually a really good opportunity for me. There’s some irritating things here, sure, but my boss and I do get along and I don’t have to work hard. However, I do have to have someone cover the phones for me everytime I have to pee. For us MS’ers, that’s pretty much annoying.

Eventually, the new contact started to roll-out and rumors swirled that there would be layoffs.  I’m still safe in this scenario, right, because who else is going to do all the shitty little things no one else  has time for? I mean, surely staff can’t submit their own expenses or do mail merges, right?  Anyway, I was good and prepared on how to comfort my coworkers after the proverbial pink slips were given.

Fast forward to the all-staff meeting day where we would get further contract info. Prior to the meeting, I was called into my bosses office and blindsided. I was so blindsided, in fact, that I actually laughed before I started rage crying. Along with 2 other staff (1 being my very good friend), I was terminated.  And then  was told not to let anyone know until after a meeting, “Here’s a cigarette and feel free to take some time to let it sink in and clean up.”.  For real? I’m a ginger and an ugly crier. If I cry, especially a rage cry, it’s clear that I’ve been bawling several hours later.  Shoot, it’s clear the next morning.  My eyes look like I’ve been on a 4 day bender, my nose is red, my makeup is GONE. Yeah, don’t let anyone know you’ve been shit canned. Uh, okay.

So, at the meeting I sit in the very front row. I glance at my boss and make sure he knows that I am hurt. Screw it.  I doodle pictures of lightening the entire time trying and don’t cry until he announces to the group that I’m a goner.  I think I hear gasps. I make some ugly choke back noise and suddenly wish I would have chosen to sit in the back row so I could walk out, unnoticed.  Oh, and then I’m mad. Mad about being blind sided. Mad that I didn’t see this coming. Mad that I am mad.  Mad that this is happening to me AGAIN. 

I call my husband and of course he’s okay. He’s clam and reminds me that we can get through anything.  I text my sister and say that I need a beer at 5:30 sharp because this just seriously happened. Again.  And then I somehow don’t leave for the day but suck it up and do whatever project I was doing before (aggregating evaluation survey results I believe, a job I will actually sort of miss).   

I’m driving home and I’m feeling like crap. I’m pissed, my eyes are swollen and I just want a Summer Shandy or six and my phone rings. You see, my phone never rings unless it’s my mom or brother. Seriously, no one calls anymore. It’s all texts. All the time. So I just answer it because I’m driving and I don’t give a rats ass about traffic safety this day. And low and freaking behold, it is none other than the HR department from the job that had turned me down just last fall.  She wanted to know if I would be interested in coming in to visit about the position.  The gal they had hired instead of me, decided to move to be closer to her family and this was leaving the position open again.  I got this call on the SAME DAY I WAS TOLD I WAS BEING LAID OFF. No one on earth can convince me that’s not divine intervention.

I visited with the CIO again, received a heartfelt apology for him not choosing me the first time around, met with 3 of his VPs a couple of days later, went back home for a wedding and the last day of my mini vacation, was woken up in the morning by the CIO calling with a job offer. Just like that.  My last day at CIMRO is Friday, the 11th and I start my new gig on Tuesday the 15th.  Just like me to not have a second of downtime, either.

Every cliche about one door closing and another opening, and patience being a virtue, and the universe  listening, and stars aligning….it’s all true.  Thank you, GOD!!!!!


3 thoughts on “And then the Universe Responded…

  1. Aaaah! You had me so heartbroken until right at the end (much as you felt at the time, I’m sure), and then you mended it all back up. I hope this new opportunity is AWESOME. You deserve good things.

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